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CE Marking

Represented by Wellkang since: 20 Feb 2014
Wellkang Auth Rep Certificates no.: ARMDD141261F180816LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2020)
ARMDD141261E170929LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2019)
ARMDD141261D160902LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2018)
ARMDD141261C151119LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2017)
ARMDD141261B141210LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2016)
ARMDD141261A140228LN (Valid until: 19 Feb 2015)
Notified Body:NOT applicable
(for class I MD non-sterile, without measuring function)
Product Classification:Class I Medical Devices, non-sterile, without measuring function
(under MDD Directive 93/42/eec)
Conformity Modules: Module A
EC Declaration of Conformity (Annex VII) + Technical File
Lead Competent Authority:UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Class I Device Registration
(Per Article 14, Directive 93/42/eec.)
Ref. No.: GB/CA01/CA014100

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