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  Pod Active Pty Ltd
(Former name: Pod Orthotic Pty Ltd)
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 (Service renewal needed by: 16 April 2026.) 

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CE Marking
Represented by Wellkang since:10/March/2009
Product Classification:Class I Medical Devices (under MDD Directive 93/42/eec)
Conformity Modules: Module A (for non-sterile devices)
EC Declaration of Conformity (Annex VII) + Technical File
(EC Directive 93/42/EEC Annex VII.5 not applicable)
Lead Competent Authority:UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Class I Device Registration
(Per Article 14, Directive 93/42/eec.)
Ref. No.: GB/CA01/CA016050
(Former Reg. No. GB/CA01/CA010985)

Latest Registration (Address Change) Updated has been submitted under MHRA ref: AC20180420001.

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Authorized Representative & UKRP
(in EEA/EU27/NI & GB markets)
(inluding the market of Great Britain (GB): England, Scotland & Wales, after 1 Jan 2021)

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Pod Active Pty Ltd
(Former name: Pod Orthotic Pty Ltd)

Level 3, 115 Myers St
Geelong, Victoria 3220
Tel: +61 3 52 444 111
Website: www.podactive.com
Email: (available but not published here)

Former address:
Office 4 – 110 Surfcoast Hwy
Torquay, Victoria 3228
Tel: +61 3 52 444 111
Fax: +61 3 52 444 113
Website: www.podactive.com
Website: www.podorthotic.com
Email: (available but not published here)

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