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CE Marking

Represented by Wellkang since:23 December 2013
Wellkang Auth Rep Certificates no.: ARMDD141253A170915LNRW (Valid until: 5 Sept 2022)
Notified Body:NOT applicable
(for class I MD non-sterile, without measuring function)
Product Classification:Class I Medical Devices, non-sterile, without measuring function
(under MDD Directive 93/42/eec)
Conformity Modules: Module A
EC Declaration of Conformity (Annex VII) + Technical File
Lead Competent Authority:UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Class I Device Registration
(Per Article 14, Directive 93/42/eec.)
Ref. No.: GB/CA01/CA014288
(Former Ref. No.: GB/CA01/CA011234)

The change of manufacturer's address and contact details has been updated with the MHRA under MHRA ref. AC20170914004.

Click here to verify online at the website of the MHRA.

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Authorized Representative
(in EEA/EU27/NI markets)
(excluding the market of Great Britain (GB): England, Scotland & Wales, after 1 Jan 2021)

WellKang Ltd
Enterprise Hub, NW Business Complex, 1 Beraghmore Road, Derry, BT48 8SE, Northern Ireland
(Former Registered Office: 29 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QR, England)
Tels: +44(20)32876300, +44(33)33031126     Fax: +44(20)76811874
Web: www.CE-marking.eu   www.CE-marking.com    www.wellkang.ltd.uk
(Wellkang's SRN in EUDAMED: XI-AR-000001836)


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Former Authorized Representative:
Barclay Phelps
196 High Road
London N22 8HH
United Kingdom


Clear Image Devices LLC
5225 68th St., Suite 8
Caledonia, MI 49316,
Ph: +1.616.455.7704
Fx: +1.616.871.7172
W: www.clearimagedevices.com
Email: (available but not published here)

Former address:
3930 Michael Rd. North,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Ph: +1.734.6456459
Fx: +1.734.6610220

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